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the life

you want

          NORTH NATURE         











North Nature

Combines coaching and energy work to

Connect you with who you really are and

Empowers you to create what you want.


North Nature

Offers person-centred coaching and natural 

self-healing methods that will transform you

in the process. You'll be guided to work with

higher energies to remodel thought patterns,

beliefs and behaviours to support your goals.

You will develop personal power and learn

techniques to self regulate your emotions.


You'll be guided to see what's happening in

your inner world of thoughts and feelings 

and discover how they are influencing your

outer world of experiences. 

       It is North Nature's vision for you to     

  • Realise how powerful you really are

  • Manage your energy & attention

        and feel emotionally balanced 

  • Make better choices and 

         be confident about them

  • See your current situation

         through a new perspective

  • Explore the many creative 

     possibilities to reach your goals

  • Create flourishing habits

          and recognise your self-worth

  • Experience love, health & prosperity

  • Become aligned with your full potential


What do you desire most?


Lam Iannotti









Lam is a Certified Transformational

Life Coach, Energy Practitioner

and Reiki Master Teacher 

(Est 2016)

Lam can show you how your life

can transform in the present moment. 

You can spontaneously experience

the essence of what you desire,

even before it comes into your

physical reality.

Working with Lam, you will

define your dreams and desires,

and reclaim personal power to

move from an unwanted situation

to a desired outcome. 

Lam's coaching and energy work

will expand and transcend you to 

a new way of thinking and being. 


You will create new opportunities 

and balance your steps from the

present to the next towards the

direction your dreams and desires. 


The life you desire

With the being of your

North Nature 



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North Nature

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